How Much Does Assisted Living Cost?

Last updated: Monday, 09, March 2020

According to the Administration of Aging, the average cost of assisted living is $119 a day or $3,628 per month. That being said the price of each facility is different and price varies depending upon one’s location and the amenities of the facility. So, a place in Florida on the beach would be more expensive than a facility located in the middle of Tennessee. On top of this, there are different prices offered within a facility depending on the resident’s room and services provided. So, an individual who desires a two-bedroom living space and help with bathing would pay more than someone who lives in a studio apartment and does not require medical attention. To get the best idea of what they will be paying, an individual should decide what their needs are and where they want to live. By doing so, you can locate facilities that meet your needs and compare prices.